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Based on our detailed ana­lysis of all pro­cess steps along your pro­duc­tion, we deter­mine the most effi­cient way for your deve­lo­p­ment and sub­se­quent pro­duc­tion of com­plex mecha­nical com­pon­ents and assem­blies from pro­to­typing to serial delivery.

The focus here is on the deve­lo­p­ment and pro­duc­tion-rele­vant aspects of tech­nical fea­si­bi­lity, mate­rial selec­tion, the defi­ni­tion and estab­lish­ment of stan­dards for purchased and stan­dard parts, and the selec­tion of approved sur­face processes.

Our com­pre­hen­sive ana­lysis pro­cesses enable reli­able, trans­pa­rent quo­ta­tions according to our open-book quo­ta­tion princi­ples. For your com­pany this means: maximum quo­ta­tion secu­rity and hig­hest price stability.