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Mee­ting the com­pre­hen­sive requi­re­ments of supply chain manage­ment while mee­ting KPI requi­re­ments is the daily chal­lenge for buyers of com­pa­nies and suppliers.

z-con.one stands for decades of expe­ri­ence in supply chain manage­ment within the avia­tion industry and can call on a world­wide sup­plier network.

We sup­port you in buil­ding sus­tainable, effi­cient, and stable sup­plier rela­ti­ons­hips and supply chains. With our exper­tise and in-depth know­ledge of market mecha­nisms and cur­rent global market deve­lo­p­ments, we advise on sup­plier selec­tion, sup­plier deve­lo­p­ment, and sus­tainable sup­plier manage­ment. We estab­lish effec­tive ways to increase the per­for­mance of your supply chain by intro­du­cing lean manage­ment con­cepts, defi­ning and mee­ting pro­duc­tion-related KPIs and, if necessary, crisis manage­ment mea­sures. In addi­tion, we help with the crea­tion of all pro­duc­tion-rele­vant documents.